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Thermal Digital CTP Plate DONGFANGPAI
Thermal Digital CTP Plate for UV ink
Traditional positive PS plate DONGFANGPAI
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DONGFANGPAI Thermal Digital CTP Plate

General Information

Plate Type Thermal digital plate, positive working; optional postbake for longer runs
Application Medium run sheetfed and web offset applications
Substrate Electrochemically Grained and Anodized Aluminum Substrate
Aluminum alloy Standard 1050 Alloy / EN AW 1050A
Coating Two-layer system, IR sensitive, positive acting
Gauge 0.15,0.20, 0.25,0.30, 0.40mm
Maximum short grain width Maximum width 1 220 mm
Plate intermix Kodak Electra Excel HRL/HRO Thermal Plates, Kodak Sword Ultra Thermal Plates, Kodak Capricorn Excel Positive Plates, Kodak PP3 positive plates, Agfa Energy Elite, etc.
Length of Run Unbaked: 150,000 to 200,000 impressions
Baked: 1 million impressions


Platesetter compability All the main brands in the market:
Kodak: Trendsetter/Lotem/Magnus;
Fuji: Javelin T9000HS, Heidelberg Topsetter/Suprasetter,
Luscher: Xpose Platesetter, etc.
Exposure energy 120-140 mJ/m²
Spectral Sensitivity 800-850 nm ®C Peaks 830nm
Resolution 1-99% & 250 lpi
FM capability 20 micron stochastic
Image color Dark blue


Processor All the main brands in the market such as Kodak, Agfa, Fuji etc.
Developer Dongfang CDP-II, also other developers provided by Kodak, Agfa, Fuji.
Processing temperature 23°„C +/- 1°„C
Dwell time 25-30 sec
Developer Rate 100-120 ml/m², depending on use


Plate Finisher Dongfang PF-II plate finisher, Kodak Multigum Plate Finisher, AGFA RC795, etc.
UV ink compatibility Applicable with UV inks when post-baked
Finisher rate 30 ml/m²

Storage and handling

Safelight Daylight handling
Shelf Life 18 months under recommended storage conditions
Packaging Available in all standard formats, including bulk packaging options such as APL packaging
Storage and handling Unopened plates should be stored in the original pack in a cool and dry environment, away from excessive cold, heat and humidity.
Use in a controlled environment of 30-70 % RH and 5-30 C°„
1.Actual run length may vary according to press, ink and paper conditions
2.Please, contact us for more details
°įDONGFANGPAI°Ī is our trade mark for all plates. Thermal digital CtP can be exposed under IR light£¨but time cannot be too long
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