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Thermal Digital CTP Plate DONGFANGPAI
Thermal Digital CTP Plate for UV ink
Traditional positive PS plate DONGFANGPAI
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Service Center presentation
Our company is aware that the best method to provide an accurate service is to assure a good comprehension of the customer stakes and the constant implication of our team.
To deliver a more proactive service for the long term customer¡¯s satisfaction, East Printing Plate Company has created a new Service Center based in Shanghai. This center is composed by international sales managers who can speak: French, Italian, English, German, Mandarin, Polish, Spanish & Russian.
The regional group is able to deliver comprehensive support for all customer needs based in their region, ranging from sales to support services. This dynamic group can guaranty to respond quickly and clearly to straightforward inquiries and to be able to identify problems and take appropriate action to prevent recurrence.
Then, do not hesitate to contact your sales manager for further information; they will focus on ensuring the highest customer satisfaction by meeting the unique need of each.
Our final objective is to build trustful relationships between our companies.

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