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Thermal Digital CTP Plate DONGFANGPAI
Thermal Digital CTP Plate for UV ink
Traditional positive PS plate DONGFANGPAI
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Dongfang Thermal Digital printing Plates are ideal for printers who need a robust, stable, and no preheat plate. Made with Alloy standard aluminium and electrochemically grained according to the latest technologies, this positive working offset plate is designed for medium run length applications and web offset applications. The two layers coating assure the stability of the product and the 20 Micron Stochastic of the FM capacity provides the excellent quality needed for commercial, newspaper, and packaging businesses. A resolution of 1% to 99% at 200 lpi guaranties an excellent image contrast and a precise resolution color.

Our CTP plate obtained two certificates that are important for our company: ISO 14001 certificate which means that our plates environmentally responsible and ISO 9001 certificate which guaranty the quality of our products.

With stable, and repeatable thermal imaging,our CTP plate devices are designed to meet the simplicity of using with the profitability. Indeed, our plates are easy to set up and are compatible with most thermal plate setters, requiring only minimal adjustment parameters. Furthermore, they are modular, with a wide choice of automation, speed, and screening upgrade options, you can maximize your investment and grow up your business.

Thermal Digital CTP plate is the right plate for printers who need to save time and money: Our competitive price and the outstanding service provided by our Service Center will assure a 100% satisfaction of our customers.

Key benefits:

No pre-heating saves prepress time.
Daylight handling offers convenience in your busy workflow.
Highly sensitive coating which will maximize your plate setter productivity.
Use standard processing chemistry, so it can be used interchangeably with others standard plates-a-cost-effective, time-saving solution.
Supporting run lengths of 150?000 to 200?000 impressions without baking and more than 1 million when baked, combined with high sensitivity for maximum plate setter performance.
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